In 2015, Southampton, NY tried to evict a group of immigrants from their home.

A shadowy campaign of mostly white Hamptonites was behind the effort. They pressured the town with lawyers and political allies. The residents fought back, and won. But it didn’t end there.
A second campaign to throw them out went all the way to the White House.
Everytown: The Hamptons tells the story of the BelAire Cove Motel, a story as complex as immigration itself, one that defies traditional cliches of xenophobia or breaking-the-law. Instead, the story of the BelAire is a microcosm of immigration as it’s playing out in our country today.

Reported by Charles Lane

Charles has been a radio reporter since 2001. A staff reporter at WSHU and frequent contributor to NPR, his focus has been on financial regulation, FEMA, and insurance.  

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A native of New York City, Ann Lopez, has spent more than 20-years working in journalism.  Her career has brought her to Ms. Magazine and Newsday. She also worked at WGBH in Boston as a producer and director for The World, an international radio news magazine show. 

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Max’s involvement with Everytown began when he refused to let Charles pay for his soda at a bar in midtown Manhattan. He left Seattle in 2019 to pursue his passion for audio production after graduating from The University of Washington. Before joining Everytown, he freelanced for KNKX Public Radio’s newscast, All Things Considered, and its weekly storytelling podcast, Sound Effect. Max is also an avid cyclist, hiker, and would love nothing more than to be friends with your dog.

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James Bowen is a journalism major at Stony Brook University aspiring to branch into broadcast journalism and sports reporting. Bilingual, he has a niche for soccer narrative writing. 

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