The plan to evict immigrants from the Hamptons

Chapter 1

A Knock At The Door

They were doing just fine until the town came along.

Chapter 2

Something East Of The Canal

White homeowners want to kick out their immigrant neighbors. But they say it’s not xenophobia. So what is it?

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Chapter 3

The Second Campaign

The first attempt to close the BelAire failed. So they tried again.

Chapter 4

Getting Snowed

If the courts won’t close the BelAire maybe a million dollars will.

Chapter 5

The First Day Of Court

Lost work, court dates, and a blessing. This is what “help” looks like.

Chapter 6

What The People Don’t Even Know

There’s no hot water. The power may go out. Welcome to court.

Chapter 7

We Ask You To Bless This Community

Down the street from the BelAire they’re celebrating immigrants.